1. Charges applicable to any accommodation are as follows:

                 i.  Rental            – Tariff as quoted which includes all linen services and onsite cleaning.
                ii. Administration fee       – R500.00.00 (once off fee). Negotiable
                iii. Breakage deposit          – 1 days rental according to tariff – minimum R2 500.00 (refundable).

  1. Bookings will only be confirmed on receipt of a 50 % deposit of the rental plus all other charges within 48hrs of presentation of invoice.
  2. Balance of rental is due14 days before arrival. Should payment not be honoured for any reason whatsoever, keys shall not be given or left out. You will also be liable for all legal costs incurred in recouping any money due.
  3. Deposits will only become refundable once the entre period had been booked out or at least 30 days before arrival or within48 hours of making payment. Please note there is a non refundable cancellation fee of R 500.00
  4. Rockshandy reserves the right to refund your deposit at least 1 week before arrival for any reason whatsoever.
  5. The maximum number of persons occupying the unit must not exceed the number of beds. Should we find more people are being accommodated than allowed, please be advised that we have the right to ask you to leave, forfeiting your rental, alternatively all extra people will be charged to your deposit. The maid has been instructed to inform us immediately
  6. Under no circumstances may there be any parties, gatherings or functions of any kind on the premises unless prior arrangements have been made. No loud music after 10pm. If you do not comply we may ask you to leave in which case you will forfeit your rental.
  7. Should T.V sets, electrical appliances, electricity supply, water supply or any other facility/ appliance become faulty during your stay, we will endeavour to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. However, no reduction in rental will be given.
  8. Pets are not allowed under any circumstances unless permission is granted
  9. No Beds or furniture may be moved around. Only beach towels, chairs & umbrellas may be taken to the beach. A checklist will be done on your departure and any missing, broken or damaged items will be charged to your deposit.
  10. Students are not allowed unless accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay. Should we find students without adult supervision they will be evicted with immediate effect, unless notice has been given thereof.
  11. Tenants may take occupation from 14h00 onwards and the accommodation is to be vacated by 10h00 on the day of departure, unless prior arrangements have been made .Non compliance may lead to deposit’s being held back. These times are stipulated in order to facilitate the necessary cleaning services. Please note that during Peak Season, due to it being so busy, we ask our tenants to please be patient with regards to any delays.
  12. Breakage deposit will be refunded by latest the 10th of the month, following departure. Breakage deposits are NOT held in an interest bearing account. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL BREAKAGES AND OR DAMAGES WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE BREAKAGE DEPOSIT.ANY DAMAGES OVER AND ABOVE THE DEPOSIT WILL BE RECOVERED FROM THE GUEST.
  13. The maid will automatically set the electric fence at night, please be aware of this especially if you are wanting to use the beach entrance gate at night.
  14. Please familiarise yourself with the alarm and ensure that it is set at night to suit your requirements.
  15. Please abide by the house rules, especially NO smoking in the house, if for whatever reason we feel the house is being purposefully damaged, abused, destroyed or you are not abiding by the house rules or any of the conditions stated above ,we may ask you to leave, thereby forfeiting your entire rental. Should any house rules be broken your deposit will NOT be refunded.
  16. Guests attend this establishment at their own risk. The proprietor, its agent and or its employees, shall not be liable for, and the guests hereby waive and abandon any claims of whatever nature including but not limited to that of theft, injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, against the proprietor, whether arising from the Proprietors default, negligence or otherwise.
  17. The person booking and signing for the accommodation takes liability for the terms and condition stipulated.